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Vivarin: Mental Energy to Power Your Day

Need mental energy to power through? Vivarin is one of the best ways to get the energy you need to tackle your days – OR nights. (You still need to get sleep.) Here’s why:

200mg of Caffeine in One Swallow of Vivarin

It’s 200mg of caffeine in one swallow.

It’s like they shrunk coffee down into a teeny little pill, minus all of the cream and sugar – and minus the coffee flavor.

Vivarin Works

It works. Just like it always has.

Caffeine is the only active ingredient, plain and simple. Caffeine has been working for thousands of years.

Vivarin is Pocket Sized

It’s pocket-sized.

Think of your smallest pocket. You know, the wee pocket inside the pocket of your jeans. Vivarin fits there. How cute is that?

Vivarin is Yellow

It’s yellow!

Whatevs, orange. Yellow is the new black.

What is “Mental Energy,” anyhoo?

Physical energy helps you jump high, climb trees and win the race. It’s great. Mental energy helps you stay awake and alert.
It’s awesome.

Mental energy feels different for everyone – it’s like a little extra alertness in the noggin area. Especially helpful when you need to be “on”, like first thing in the morning (Oh, how I hate you, Monday) or when you hit the 3 o’clock wall (right after Chinese take-out).

Vivarin is Safe

Vivarin is a safe caffeine solution: a quick, convenient way to stay awake, all rolled up in one little pill. Other caffeinated products rely on wacky herbs and sugar to energize you. Vivarin has just one active ingredient, caffeine! With no sugar and no calories, it’s one of the best ways to get the mental energy that you need.

How to Take Vivarin

Just take one Vivarin tablet with a sip of water, and get hours of focus and mental energy. Of course, your results may vary based on your age, weight and caffeine tolerance.

Finding Vivarin might take a little mental energy… because it’s not with the energy drinks and shots. Look for Vivarin near the sleep aid section – yes, you read right, sleep aid section – wherever you shop.

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